Reading Notes

GIS and Public Health: Health Disparities

A large part of my current project studying air pollution is centered around tying spatial data to public health outcomes. As such, I thought it would be useful to look into some common methods used in the practice. The following are notes from Chapter 11 of 'GIS and Public Health' by Ellen Cromley and Sarah McLafferty, focusing on health disparities.

Equity, Evaluation, and International Cooperation

Looking to understand how projects are completed in pratice, and how they can be done better

Most of my research career has been on the science side of things rather than the implementation side. As I move forward working on more human-centered projects, I thought it'd be useful to get a look at how projects, in this case infrastructure projects, actually get done, and what can be improved about the process. Professor Carolini's book goes over several international collaboration projets in Mozambique and highlights what aspects are best for an efficient exchange of knowlegde between partnering nations and organizations. The following are simply my notes from reading the book.